Egypt seen from the sky

Aerialcollection distributes the rushes of the film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Michael Pitiot and Yazid Tizi, cinematographer Bruno Cusa, music Armand Amar, co-production Hope Production - Calt Production, of which here is an excerpt:

Nile Valley, Cairo and Alexandria, the Delta, Sinai, Red Sea and more in 4K aerial and ground footage

An exceptional shooting, exceptional images. In 2019 after the usual negotiations for a large country such as Egypt, we were able to install our Cineflex - GSS520 gyro-stabilized camera on an Egyptian helicopter for weeks of filming following the Nile valley from Abu Simbel to Alexandria. We also installed the camera system on a ground vehicle to film the incredible human density of Cairo and all the visual richness of the Nile Delta.

With more than 100 million inhabitants in 2017, Egypt is the third most populous country in Africa behind Nigeria and Ethiopia . In very strong growth, its population has multiplied by four in sixty years.
Egypt multiplies the extremes: the most populous Arab country, 90% of its population lives in a strip of fertile land which runs along the Nile river . The rest of the territory is desert.
In the south, the Nile collides with a mountain barrier; As it heads north, the landscape becomes more and more flat and deserted. North of Cairo , the valley turns into a vast delta 200 kilometers wide, similar to a large fertile fan diving into the Mediterranean Sea . To the east of the valley is the Arabian Desert, to the west the Qattara Depression and the Libyan Desert, an arid plateau punctuated by astonishing geological formations and lush oases. To the east, beyond the Suez Canal stretches the Sinai Peninsula, an extension of the Arabian Desert, where Mount Sainte-Catherine rises to 2,642 meters.

Extract from the Book of the Dead of the Ancient Egyptians (papyrus scrolls, covered with funeral formulas, placed in the sarcophagus or near the mummy, against it, in the bands):
“I gave the gentle breeze of the north wind to Osiris Oun-nefer, as when he came out of the bosom of her who gave birth to him.
I cause Ra to rest in Osiris, and for Osiris to rest in Ra; I cause Re to enter the mysterious cave to revive the heart of one whose heart no longer beats, the holy soul in the West. ”

Extract from chap. 182 where the deceased is assimilated to the god Thoth. Translation of Paul Barguet
Our images of Egypt

Moyens de tournage

Installed on an Agusta 109 ambulance helicopter supplied by Egypt, the stabilized system supplied by Papa Sierra GSS 520 is equipped with a RED camera and Canon 45x optics. The very wide range of 45x focal lengths allows you to search for distant details as well as large wide shots of a landscape or city. The system was also mounted on the roof of a car allowing for the astonishing ground images of Cairo and the Nile Delta, adding a different perspective while keeping the style of aerial images.
For logistical reasons cited by the Egyptian service provider, the system had to be dismantled morning and evening, sometimes during the day, greatly complicating this filming, which was already carried out under special conditions! Références Content licensed under CC-BY-SA . Source: Article Egypt from Wikipedia in French ( authors )
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