Republic of Congo

The following film has been produced on the occasion of the first conference of African countries on the management and protection of the Congo River's resources. Footage comes from a few weeks shootings for A Thirsty World or Woman.

Aerial footage of Congo

Le Congo , also called informally Congo-Brazzaville , in long form the Republic of Congo , is a country of Central Africa , located on either side of the equator. Its neighbors are Gabon to the west, Cameroon to the north-north-west, the Central African Republic to the north-north-east, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the northeast, southeast and south of which it is separated, in part, by the Congo River then the Ubangi and Cabinda (Angola) to the southwest.
The tropical rainforest covers almost two-thirds of the territory of the Republic of Congo , which makes it the fifteenth country in the world by the proportion of forest cover.
The equator crosses the Congo ; its passage through the city of Makoua, in the Cuvette region, is marked by a terminal. The country has a seafront on the Atlantic Ocean with a length of 220 km.

Our aerial images of Congo

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