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More than 3000 hours of unique
Cineflex and GSS aerial images in the world.
The world seen from the sky in HD or 4K.
Long sequences of several minutes
for more choices.

Tailor made fares

Price according to the type of broadcast
and only the seconds used.
Degressive Pricing system per second.
You will be charged only for the seconds
effectively used in your final cut.
The more you use our images
the more we lower our prices.

On request

We can freely explore through our archives for your specific searches.
With our aerial capture systems and cameras, we can organise a shooting for you anywhere in the world.

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Efficient search and selection tools
with easy sharing option.
Quick estimation of the selling price.
Downloadable rushes for editing tests.


Download rushes in mp4 format,
easily integrable in all types of editing software.
We also propose our services of editing
and color grading.


Send us your selections
and your Time Codes statements
to get the rushes in HD or 4K.
Purchase Orders, Invoices and License agreements historical stockage online.

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