Algeria from Above

L’Algérie vue du Ciel (Algeria from Above), 90 minute film written and directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Yazid Tizi, Michael Pitiot, images by Bruno Cusa, Christian Gaume and Tanguy Thuaud, narrated by Jalil Lespert, original score by Armand Amar.

Aerial images from the Great South to the Mediterranean.

Aerialcollection presents the footage from the film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Yazid Tizi, to discover this grandiose country, with extremely rare cultural and natural richness.
From North to South and from West to East, it is the daily life of an entire population that the directors show us, whether they live in the hectic large coastal cities, the Atlas mountains, the oases of the Sahara or the gentle hills of the Sahel.

With a rich past where all civilizations seem to have crossed, and a territory where all the natural environments seem to exist, Algeriaappears here in all its diversity and unity. The authors give free rein to their fascination with shapes, colors, faces and human footprints to create an exceptional portrait of the largest country on the African continent and around the Mediterranean.
Stock d'images aériennes d'Algérie

Means of Filming

Filmed with the HD Cineflex stabilized camera systems provided by Papa Sierra, equipped with high-range zoom lenses mounted on Airbus Ecureuil and Bell Long Ranger Helicopters. Algeria seen from the Sky is part of the collection of 90 minute films created for France 2 that includes Egypte from Above (4K), Morocco from Above (4K).

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