Themes and subjects of our stunning footage from dozens of countries.



From the Saharan dunes to the modern buildings, to the huge oil industry, stunning views of Algeria from the sky, from its borders of the Great South to the shores of the Mediterranean.

Desert, City, Population, Nature, Environment, Sea, Industry, Business, Trade, Wealth, Shipping, Traditional architecture, Globalisation


The wildlife of Botswana, in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Zebras, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles... wild animals are the true jewels of African nature.

Nature, Grasslands, Savanna, Park, Environment concern, Reserve, Animal, African Wildlife, Wild, Fisherman, Pirogue, Tourists, Motorboat, Marsh, Remoteness, Tourism


Along the river and its tributaries in the Republic of Congo, the port of Oyo and its important trade of fish and wood. The canoes travel through the lake of the Imboulou barrage, surrounded by waterfalls and vegetation.

River, Tropical Rainforest, Villages, Tradition, Transportation, Wood, Human, Cities, Poverty, Marshes, Remoteness, Pirogue, Remoteness


The mountainous landscapes of northern Ethiopia, its fields and many churches. In the Danakil desert, camels transport salt, the only resource of the region.

Nature, Cities, Human, Religion, Ceremony, Isolation, work, orthodox Epiphany, Ancient times, Monolithic Churches, farmers, Countryside, Culture, Salt Mines, Volcano, Lava lake, Poverty, Harsh work, Salt extraction, Camel caravans, Ox and plough, Farming landscape, Wells, Poverty, Religion, Tradition


Located in Dadaab in eastern Kenya, the biggest refugee camp in the world, populated mostly by Somalis. South of the Rift Valley, a natural site extends over arid fields, lakes and mountains.

Arid soil, Dry land, Deforestation, World largest Refugee camp, Remoteness, Children, Humanitarian aid, Poverty, NGOs


The wide open spaces of the Saharan Desert with its dunes and its oasis landscape, surrounding the Gaberoun Lake, close to Sabha, in the western desert.

City, Coastline, Fishing village, Roman ruins, Oil Industry, Sahara Desert, Arid landscape, Dunes, Lakes, Oasis


Madagascar fascinates by its stunning landscapes and its biodiversity. Aerial views of Tsingy de Bemaraha, southern sapphire mines, crop areas, baobab forests and the city of of Antsirabé, located in the center of the island.

Wild Nature, Human, work, farmer, Mines, Forest, Cities, Poverty, Farming, Hand mining, Opencast mining, Ox and plough, Women, Children, Poverty, Environment

South Sudan

Between the traditional village of Burghilo, the vestiges of the Jonglei Canal and the Nile marshes in the Bor and Juba region, South Sudan is full of impressive spaces.

Nature, Human, Villages, Isolation, Traditional, Swamp, River, Jonglei excavator, Dry land, Harsh living conditions, Poverty, Traditional village, Hut


From the Mediterranean coast to the Sahara region, from the Merzouga dunes to the lost villages of the Atlas, wonderful views of many places in Morocco.

Landscapes, Human, Cities, Villages, Nature, Modern, Traditional, Mines, Ports, Agriculture, Coastline, Beaches, Tourism, Mountains, Religion, Modernity, Modern architecture, Tradition, Luxury, Hard work, Traditional architecture, Big fishing boats, Natural resources, Solar-power plants


Many incredible views of the region of Tunis, the Roman remains and the Saharan south.

Nature, Desert, Cities, Villages, Countryside, Farmers, Political instability, Constrained economy, Arab Spring, Important trade, Stagnant economy



Panoramic views of Bahamas turquoise waters, its luxurious properties and the desert island. Boats travel along the islands of the archipelago and the sand bars.

Archipelago, Islands, Nature, Tourism, Sea


Close to the Chilean border, high mountains and the Andes valleys. Impressive views of the arid summits, the mining towns of Potosi and Sucre, Santa Cruz and its region, and the Salar of Uyini.

Mountains, Nature, Cities, Salt lake, Mining industry, People, Volcanoes


Incredible views of Rio and its region, of the Lençóis Maranhenses national Park and the huge desert of white dunes surrounded by lagoons.

Cities, Harbor, Nature, Economy, Trade, Desert, Dunes, Sea


Panoramic views of the landmarks of the United States, such as Miami and Keys region, New York, Los Angeles and surrounding areas and California's almond tree crops.


In the heart of the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince and its iconic market, its camps, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, the Jalousie district and the salt works located near the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Wonderful views of the most beautiful sites of the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast, Reserves of cascades to the mountains, passing through the plantations of sugar cane, to the residential quarters in the north of Mexico.


At the heart of the world's largest waterfalls, the Tepuys region, the vestiges of a large plateau, located in the Great Venezuelan Savanna. View of the amazonian forest and its biodiversity.


At the heart of the temples of the Mayan city, close to the border between Belize and Guatemala, amazing views of the virgin forest and the hills. 70 km off Belize City, overlooking the Great Blue Hole, in the middle of a coral atoll.

Nature, Sea, Nature phenomenon, Forest, History, Ancient times, Temples, Religion, Cities, Preserved, Wildlife, Archeology, Tourism, Mayan ruins


The unique spectacle of the Maras Saltworks, located in the heart of a canyon, close to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in which you can see two sources of salt water spring.


Adelie Land

Stunning view of the base Dumont-d'Urville, located on the island of Pétrels, in Adélie land. In the archipelago of Point Geology, the boats sail between the glaciers, close to a refuge of penguins.

Research Station, Isolation, Remoteness, Ice, Cold, Twilight, Helicopter, Boat, Research, Nature, Protection, Climate change, Icebergs

Concordia Station

Aerial and ground footage from Concordia Station, scientific activities, life of the station, technical and maintenance work.

Research Station, Isolation, Remoteness, Ice, Cold Research, Nature, Protection, Climate change

Victoria Land

Close to NZ and US bases, the very isolated landscapes of McMurdo Dry Valleys, the river Onyx and the incredible icefalls Airdevronsix

Landscape, Isolation, Remoteness, Ice, Cold, Helicopter, Research, Nature, Protection, Onyx river, Airdevronsix icefalls



Let's discover the port of Sadarghat, one of the largest river ports in the world. Along the river, the vast delta of the Ganges and the Brahmaputra. Dacca Chittagong and the demolition of ships on the southern beaches.

Nature, Rivers, Human, Work, farmers, Cities, Landscapes, Education, Sea, Shipyards, Ship demolition, Harsh work, Dangerous work conditions, Poverty, Flooding, Cyclones, Passenger boats, Trade, Coal, Overpopulation, Crowded city, Road traffic


The incredible landscape of the temples of Bagan, one of the most important and beautiful archaeological sites of Southeast Asia.

Myanmar, Archeology, Historical, Religion, History, Monuments, Floating gardens, Farmers, Fisherman, Lake, Lacustrine


In the heart of the forest, the impressive temples of Angkor. View of the Mekong, one of the longest rivers in the world and the village on stilts around Lake Tonle Sap.

History, Human, Religion, Monuments, Farmers, Lakes, Lacustrine, Fishermen, Villages, Traditional, Forest, River, Archeology, Historical, Tourism, Poverty


Panoramic view of China's landmarks, combining modernity in the Shanghai area and then the subway in Beijing, and tradition in the rice fields of Yuanyang. In Chengdu, great view of the crowd of the wave pool.

Nature, City, Population, Crowd, Modernism, Tradition, Human, Overpopulation, Architecture contrast, Modern city, Skyscrapers, Shipyard, Maritime traffic, Shipping, Modern architecture, Pollution, Historical, Global economy, Dam water release

South Korea

The shipbuilding yards of Gyeongsangnam-do show the importance of naval traffic. In the Busan area, amazing view of the villages, nature and fish farming.

City, Villages, Sea, Industry, Nature, Fishing, Fish farming, Seaweed culture, Fishermen, Shipyard, Containers, Tankers, Liner, Modern, Architecture, Tradition, Offshore rig, Tourism


Paradise view of the Pulau Wayag Archipelago, one of nature's wonders and seaweed crops in Bali.

Nature, Human, Tradition, Villages, Sea, Terrace rice fields, Pollution, Urbanization, Demography, Beach, Tourism, Wild


From Beirut to the Baalbek plain, throught he coast and the Lebanon mountains, this country offers an amazing array of discoveries.

Cities, Monuments, History, Religion, Tradition, Great Landscapes, Mountains


Close to the Indo-Nepalese border, the Gadhimai festival gathering a huge crowd during the sacrifice ceremony. View of the mountainous region of the Mustang Kingdom in the Himalayas, at about 4000 meters above the sea.

City, Middle Ages, Isolation, Tradition, Crowd, Sacrifice, Animals, Religion, Festival, Gathering, Farmers, Fields, Tradition


In the heart of Pakistan, with its lakes, dunes and mountains, and nature are among the churches and mosques. Panoramic view from Peshawar to Karachi, from Baltistan to Islamabad.

Cities, Nature, Mountain, Isolation, Crowd, Human, Economy, Trade, Industry, Religion, History, Monuments, Train station, Architecture, Fishing village, Archeology, Huge dams, Mosques, Forts, Farming, Tractor, City crowd, Traffic, Dye craft, Old trucks, Yak caravan, Ship demolition, Harsh work, Poverty, Dangerous work conditions, Modern construction, City contrasts, Ox and plough, Schools, Historical


Typhoon Haiyan and Yolanta in Tacloban and Leyte left behind this natural disaster a ruined city.

Typhoon, Destruction, Human, Disaster, Flood, Cities, Pollution, Urbanization, Population, Ruins, Children, Tents, Humanitarian aid, Destroyed habitat, Crowd


Between Siberia and its highly polluted mining region of Norilsk, the port of Dudinka and its maritime traffic at the heart of ice and nomad camps Nenets, Russia is full of riches sources.

Dudinka harbor, Cargo ships, Nuclear powered icebreaker, Arctic, Cold, Isolation, Environment, Pollution, Nature, Extreme Environment, Nomads, Tradition, Industries, Mining, Opencast mining, Harsh work, Shipping, Ice, Industrial port, Smoke, Chimneys, Polluted city, Remoteness, Northernmost city, Globalisation, Forbidden city


Overview of the buildings, business districts, mosques and high hills of Istanbul at sunset. Let's discover Bosphorus, its river and its boats.

City, History, Monuments, Religion, Human, Sea, Ship, Tanker, Container, Mosque, Tradition, Architecture, Urbanization, Modern building, Road traffic, Bridge, Historical


In the region of Orkhon Valley in Inner Mongolia, view of young riders and wild horses. The traditional construction of a yurt in the Ulan Bator area.


In Allahabad, one of the biggest religious gatherings in the world gives rise to a gigantic fair. Explosion of colors to celebrate the Holi, a famous Hindu religious festival.

Crowd, Religion, gathering, Human, Colours, Festival, Overpopulation, Happiness, Danse, Costume, Tradition, Jubilation, Walkabout, Poverty, Global Economy



The region of Copenhagen and its palace, the famous Kroborg Castle and the tunnel bridge
over the Oresund, linking Sweden and Denmark

Cities, Nature, Sea, Castles, History, Environment


Hundreds of urban, historical and natural sites in France... More than three thousands hours of rushes filmed in all regions of France. A unique collection

Paris, Cities, Nature, History, Countryside, Industries, Monuments


The great treasury of the Athenians, the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Overview of the island of Mykonos, Athens, Meteora, Delphi and the Cyclades.

History, Monuments, Religion, Tradition, Sea, Nature


Considered as one of the most beautiful city in Europe, Budapest and its splendid castles. View of the Abbey of Pannonhalma and the castle of Fertod, through the woods.

Cities, Monuments, Religion, River, Lakes, Castles


Between the nature of the great Vatnajokull glacier region and Reykjavík, and the largest lava eruption in the world in Bardarbunga, Iceland impresses with its unique landscapes.

Volcano, Volcanic eruption, Nature, Remoteness, Ice, Cities


Between the sea, the city, the nature and the historical monuments, direction towards
Stromboli and Tuscany, two famous regions of Rome.

Monuments, Countryside, History, Cities, Industry, Sea


In the Alesund area, sensational view of fishing and fish farming. On the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, many natural sites.

Nature, Cities, Arctic, Water, Ice, Fishing, Mining indiustrie, People

United Kingdom

Overview of London, Oxford, the Isle of Wight, Stonehenge and the great mansions of the Southeast of the United Kingdom.

Cities, History, Nature, Castles, Monuments, History, Rivers, Islands, University


A large number of images of mountains, cities and countryside from all over Switzerland.

Mountains, Nature, Climbing, Countryside, People, Tourism


Around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the abandoned town of Pripiat and its desert

Nuclear, Atomic pollution, Abandonned city, Nature, Environment



Overview of the west coast, Perth area and Shark Bay. An impressive view of turquoise
waters, crocodile farm and pink lake, west of Australia. Helicopter gathering of livestock

New Zealand

Panoramic view of the wreck of the giant Rena container ship, off the coast of Tauranga.


In the heart of Pacific Ocean, Nauru the smallest republic of the world. Once among the richest thanks to its phosphate now exhausted, the island is now on its way to a new normality.

island, remoteness, population, phosphate, mining